Dive Sites

Green Bay, Protaras

A wonderful dive site, especially for beginners. Easy access to enter in the water, beautiful landscape and marine life. Turtles can be seen in the summer. Maximum depth 10m - Discovery dives, O.W +

Caves&Tunels, Cape Greco

One of the most beautiful dive sites on the island, with interesting caves, different marine life and lot of underwater colors. Going into the caves is very safe, as we enter in the cave we can see the exit point. Maximum depth 14m - O.W +

Cyclope's Cave,Protaras

An interesting wall dive, with big underwater rocks, starting at 10m and can be reached up to 30m. Lion fish are popular on the dive site, moray eels and many other kind of fish.

Maximum depth 30m - O.W +

Zenobia Wreck, Larnaca

Zenobia wreck is the king of the Mediterranean wrecks. 170m long, laying on the side, it starts at 17m reaching 42m at the bottom. One dive is not enough, which has so many interesting things to explore, such as the trucks that were loaded on the boat, the massive propellers and anchor, and various marine life, from big groupers to starfish, sea breams, barracuda, jack-fish, lion-fish, turtles and more. Maximum depth 42m - A.O.W +

Alexandria Wreck, Larnaca

An interesting small wooden wreck, few hundred meters away from Zenobia. A special marine life grows there, which is not seen often. 

Maximum depth 30m - A.O.W +

Constantis & Lady Thetis, Limassol

The two new wrecks of Limassol, are quite interesting as a lot of life has grown in the short period of three years that have sank. Groupers, jack-fish and more life is seen. 

Maximum depth 23m - A.O.W + 

Istos Reef, Xylophagou

Beautiful underwater landscape, suitable even for beginners, easy access in the water and various marine life. Sea urchins are very popular. 

Maximum depth 18m - Discovery dives, O.W +

The Bridge, Xylophagou

A natural underwater bridge, with various underwater colors. A relaxing, shallow and long dive, that takes you into the magic of underwater world. 

Maximum depth 8m - O.W +  

The Chapel, Protaras

Ancient amphorae laying on the dive site, which make it very interesting. 

Maximum depth 25m - O.W +

Black Cave, Xylophagoy

A long shallow relaxing dive, with small caves to explore and beautiful natural colors. 

Maximum depth 12m - O.W +

Blue Lagoon, Protaras

The golden sand of Blue Lagoon, reflecting with the blue color of the sea makes this dive site special. A small underwater cave can be explored there. Maximum depth 9m - O.W +

Night dives

Night dives are quite amazing during the summer in Cyprus. Octopus, crabs and more marine life that cannot be seen in the daytime. 

Maximum depth 10m - A.O.W +